Tom Lopez
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April 2017

TIMARA studios

May 2014

TIMARA studios

November 2013

Cleveland MOCA

November 2008

MacDowell Colony

January 29, 2008

Performing Immaculata Erotica at Temple University.

February 2007

Miller Theatre, Columbia University

November 4, 2006

Presenting Underground at the 3rd Practice Festival.

August 2005

February 2004

Djerassi Residency, photo by Brook Tankle

March 2002

Presenting Espaces Pointill├ęs with Kathleen Chastain at the Here Here Gallery.

spring 2002

TIMARA studios

March 11, 2000

I think this photo was taken at the SEAMUS Festival in 2000 at the University of North Texas. That is the cactus from Paul Rudy's "Degrees of Separation - Grandchild of Tree."

April 3, 1997

I think this photo was taken at the SEAMUS Festival in 1997 at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. This would have been a performance of Hollow Ground II with Larisa Montanaro singing.


My brother, Steve, took this photo when he visited me in Nice, France. I was working at the studio CIRM on a Fulbright Fellowship at the time.

Inspired by the muse in Nice, France.